Coding In The Workplace: Why Everyone Should Do It

The Setting You work in an office, you sit at a desk, looking at word documents, spreadsheets, *shutters* PDFs, and it’s TEDIOUS. This isn’t 2007 anymore, why are we doing this to ourselves? Sometimes it’s out of your control, but if you do have a level of control over whatever process is responsible for dropping […]

Ditch Windows, Go Open Source

Note: If you’re just here for Linux install instructions and some cool things to do in Linux, scroll way down to the Installing section of this article. It’s 2019, Windows 10 has been out for a few years now and people everywhere are getting tired of nagging updates. Sure, security updates and patches are really […]

Autism: Some Career Advise From A Fellow Autistic

I recently wrote an article talking about the misconceptions of some of the career advice for autistic people. This was mostly my opinion, but I feel it was fairly valid given some of the other articles out there. I don’t want to discredit any of those articles, they have valid points, but they got one […]

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