I recently picked up a USB C mouse from amazon. I wasn’t sure what to expect but, since it’s $29.99 and I was really tired of Apple’s magic mouse, I figured it couldn’t hurt. Once I got the package I noticed an interesting box, it looks like something similar to my drill bit set I bought a while back. I was confused at first as to what this was. Once I opened it, it was a nice looking mouse. I was surprised because I expected some cheap mouse from China with a USB C connector instead of standard USB. Spoiler: That’s what this is.

In the box was a USB C to standard USB Adapter, a basic manual, and the mouse itself. I initially plugged this into my mid-2010 MacBook and nothing worked. I guess the adapter doesn’t work for macs. Which is fine because I actually bought this for my MacBook pro with the 4 USB C ports. I plugged it into the correct computer and it instantly light up. It rotates through “X” colors: Red, Purple, blue, green, and yellow. It’s a slow fade through each color change but it looks nice. The last “gaming” mouse I bought was a Logitech G500 mouse and I still use that to this day on my gaming computer. 

The DPI on this mouse is acceptable, I am using it on my MacBook so if you’re looking to use this for a Windows computer, I imagine it would feel different. Sadly I don’t use Windows on my laptops, just Linux and OS X. I plan on buying a Windows laptop in the future so I can do reviews on that as well.

This mouse feels nice in my hands and it works really well with my MacBook pro. The ergonomics took a little getting use to, it just wasn’t my typical style of mouse. However, while this is advertised as a MacBook mouse, there are no drivers I could find online to configure the side buttons. That’s disappointing. Overall, it’s a mouse, it works and I don’t have to pay for batteries anymore. If you ever wanted to use this for a desktop, I highly recommend against this. The cable is really short. I feel like that’s the only “Apple” design thought they put into this mouse.

I will update this if the mouse dies anytime soon or if I find some weird issues with the mouse. 

Published by Guindel

90's nerd, dad, retro computer enthusiast. I created a blog as a way to talk about things I find interesting, care about, and try to help other people in similar places. Hit me up if you want me to write about something!

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